Satyavrat Nirala

I consider myself lucky to be in the world of Agile. With very little technical knowledge or experience, I was a little skeptical about if I would understand the technical practices, but I realized very soon that it is not about terminologies or techniques, it is all about mindset.

Although I am a self-taught coder, been on a journey in multiple scrum teams, I enjoy the journey of Agile outside IT the most. I have helped more than 2K individuals, co-learn, and practice Agile ways of learning. I am fortunately among the only few in the world from a non-technical background with most of the learning or certifications whichever you call it and also one of the youngest too. From Facebook, Henkel, to startups, had an amazing co-learning journey to share my experiences.

I always believe learning is beyond any certification. I am trying to inspect and adapt in the real sense for the overall organization and I am hopeful that I can share my experience of being Agile in different disciplines. I am a strong believer in natural change and helping organizations with change management coaching and mentoring to support Agile adoption naturally.

I am the author of the book “Agile Outside IT.” (V2 would be released in October). and writing a book on organization change titled “Change is so Real: Now or Never”. As per my experience, the organization’s Agility is not easy, it is painful, difficult because we are trying to transform not naturally adopt. I am helping teams how to un-learn the journey of transformation and start steps in adoption which is natural, long-lasting, and full of happiness. I would be taking you through a few amazing lessons that I have learned in practicing Agile in different marketing teams, of course with lots of fun.


  • Lightning Talks

    A lightning talk is a short presentation where speakers will be giving 7 minutes to talk about one specific topic by one speaker.

  • Knowing the Newer Way : Agile in Marketing

    Traditional marketing is dying !!!

    Are you aware of new age marketing or Agile marketing?
    If you have heard of it but never knew what to do, then this session is for you.
    If you have never heard of it then you certainly need it.
    This is my small attempt to be the flag bearer for Agile marketing.