Marco Passuello

  • Country Manager and Head of People & Culture
  • Liquid Global

Marco is an expert on how Management and HR practices influence the creation of a High Performing Workplace. Using an Evidence-Based Management approach, Marco has served in the last 10 years several organizations in the U.S., Europe and Vietnam. He is specialized in implementing Organizational Development tools to facilitate change management and innovation across teams. His current work has allowed him to push the boundaries of current management science, exploring theoretical and practical applications of Agile frameworks.


  • The 4 Pillars of Agile Leadership

    We are currently researching the impact of a leader’s mindset to influence collaboration & ownership in teams. To create the necessary trust for it we identified 4 Pillars: Vulnerability, Adaptability, Empathy & Integrity. In the workshop, participants will experience those pillars and their impact.