Amol Pradhan

  • Global Capability & Enterprise Agility Leader
  • IBM

Amol is the IBM GBS Asia Pacific Leader for the Agile Center of Competency (CoC) as well as Global Capability and Enterprise Agility Leader.

Amol has been leading an agile way of working approach to change for nearly 21 years, started as a developer in the startup, to help organizations deliver business value early and often through Agile, Lean, and DevOps principles and practices enterprise-wide.

He helped numerous Fortune 500 clients in aerospace, oil & gas, retail, automotive, media & entertainment, information services, and financial industries.

Previously Amol led Ways of Working for Barclays Bank’s APAC Group (10,000 people) for ten years and won the Best Internal Agile Team award in 2016.

Amol is a guest lecturer at the National University of Singapore and speaks at numerous global conferences a year.
Amol has completed Stanford University’s 20 months executive education on LEAD (Learn, Engage, Accelerate and Disrupt) to accelerate organizational change and innovation.


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