The Innovation Ninja

Organizations must be innovative to be competitive, valuable, and relevant. In you’re like many organizations today, you might be wondering how our season of widespread isolation will affect the product and service innovation in your organization. Limits can encourage and inspire creativity, but there’s also proactive steps that you can take to unlock creative genius in individuals and in teams.

In this interactive, engaging, inspiring, and fun chat, I’ll explore creative processes and the theory/ history behind creative masterpieces. I’ll share predictions and trends about an imagination revolution and the future of innovation.

I’ll examine and share practical ways to flex creative muscles. Participants will actively engage in various types of creative exercises utilizing auditory, tacit, visual, and imagination in a unique and captivating virtual session. I’ll challenge the innovative mind in activities to unlock the creative genius in work and life.

Session Outline: Warm Up Creative Exercise Imagination Revolution The Theory of Creative Processes The Creative Mindset at Home Auditory Innovation Exercise How to Practice Creativity at Home Exercise Exposure Based Creativity Exercise (1) Exposure Based Creativity Exercise (2) Experiences Based Creativity Activity (1)
Experiences Based Creativity Activity (2) Relationships Based Creativity Exercise Final Remarks and Encouragement of Remote Innovation Final Innovation Challenge