The 4 Pillars of Agile Leadership

Chris Kruppa Founder & Agile Coach /Semdi Solutions
Marco Passuello Country Manager and Head of People & Culture /Liquid Global

It is no secret that organizations struggle with the complexity of today’s world. As McKinsey reports, in such a complex environment Agile organizations are by 50% likelier to outperform their competitors financially. Agile Organizations focus on a system that supports a higher rate of change, but what is supporting the individuals in such an environment?
Leaders may refine how to articulate a vision and strategy, but they often overlook how they may not want to change their current habits. It is their intentional effort to understand the situation and plan/direct/foresee the next moves. In this non-linear development of leadership, practicing mindfulness is important to lay the foundation for what we call the Pillars of Agile Leadership.
Following four Pillars allow the development of trustful relationships within self organizing teams: Empathy, Integrity, Vulnerability, Authenticity. Mastering of the Pillars results in increased level of trust within the team. A mindful leader is able to increase the self regulatory processes that are needed to embody the Pillars of Agile Leadership and effectively navigate Complex Adaptive Systems.
In this workshop, I will address part of the research I am working on with a friend and colleague since 1.5 years on how the mental model/mindset of leaders will influence the behavior and attitude towards self-organization & ownership. The workshop will focus on the current status of this research. It will be a very interactive session.

– Doing the workshop with my colleague – He needs only L or XL T-shirt 😉
– Room setup for group discussion
– Connection to a projector, I’ll bring a mac
– A4 papers, pens, post-it notes for the participants
– We speak English 😉