Testing business ideas – a pragmatic approach for delivering right product to your customer

While development team focus on “build it right”, product team works with “build the right thing”. Our development teams are already practicing a solid way called Test Driven Development (TDD) and the results are quite amazing which is helping them to “build it right”. When the development team is following that approach and getting positive results out of it, I believe a similar approach in our product thinking can change the whole perception of how product is being build. It is a shift in the mindset from building something and handing it off for someone else to try and prove it’s working as expected, to first thinking about how we want it to be working and then building it to meet those demands.

In the talk, I will focus on

  • Different ways to test business ideas
  • How to validate those ideas
  • How the scrum team ensures the right ideas are being delivered

This is a hands-on session with activity from the participants.