Spotting Dark side of agility (Agile+DevOps) and Starting Business agility

Amol Pradhan Global Capability & Enterprise Agility Leader /IBM

By the end of the session, we will gather the concrete ideas to spot dark agility and collaborate early with the customer to start business agility:

  1. Identify Agile and DevOps anti-patterns, Customer-Engagement FEARS & dark agility practices.
  2. Embrace business agility to connect with the customer’s emotional experience.
  3. Build a long-lasting Customer-Obsessed Culture when People are NOT hungry and NOT adventurous.
  4. Understand why Beyond Employee Engagement is vital for better business agility.
  5. Insight on How Agile Leadership can connect vision, strategy, and execution.

This interactive session will give audience insights on dark agility and tips to enable Business Agility:

  • Icebreaker Activity: Discuss [4mins (m)] dark practices of Agile & DevOps and group sharing [3m]
  • Client case studies on dark agility transformation [5m]
  • What is Business Agility? How is benefited clients? [3m]
  • Tips for successful Business Agility – Design Thinking + Agile + DevOps [5m]
  • What top 3 actions helped clients to move from dark agility to business agility? [5m]
  • Pair-Share Activity: Key takeaway you will apply [3m]
  • Q &A [2m]