Situational Scrum Mastering: What Scrum guide didn’t tell me about leading an Agile team.

This session aims to raise awareness about what it takes to successfully lead a team that is trying to be Agile. I will share my personal experience about challenges I faced and why it’s important for effective scrum master to first understand what his/her team needs in terms of leadership before he/she can successfully lead a team.

According to Paul Hersey, leaders need to adapt their behavior to fit a team’s readiness. Based on team’s readiness level determined by their ability and willingness, scrum master can opt for Telling, Selling, Participating, and Delegating style of leadership.
In this talk, we will dive into some specific things a Scrum Master should do when leading a team with different level of readiness and how Scrum Master can help teams with limited ability and limited confidence to become an agile team and lead them to maximize throughput.

If you are just starting a career as a Scrum Master or a seasoned veteran or an agile team member and want to increase your understanding about leading teams that are trying to become agile, then this talk is for you.
Session Mechanics
PowerPoint presentation for 30 minutes

Session Introduction
Personal Introduction: Who I am and what I do
Interest/Motivation: Why the topic is of interest to participants
Need: Why the participants need to know about the topic
Topic: What the session is about
Range: What topics will be covered throughout the session
Outcomes: What the participants will learn by the end of the session

Session Body
Theory session with real life practical examples.
The resources available with me that I can share with the audience.

Session Conclusion
Reinforce the key points (outcomes) of the session
Key References for the content and theories used in the session.

Profile Details
I am currently appointed as the Head of Programs at City Tech, a fintech startup in Kathmandu Valley in Nepal. I have been with the organization since 2017. I have over 10 years of experience in diverse roles within software development industry in different domains like E-commerce, Energy, Fintech, Environment Science and legal. I earned a bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Science from Minnesota State University, Mankato, Minnesota in the United States. I completed Executive MBA from Ace Institute of Management in Kathmandu, Nepal. I hold an ICP, CSM and CSPO certifications. I am also the founder of I am passionate about sports and love basketball.