Question To My Leader. Am I allowed to Fail?

This talk is from the problem statement from Coaches perspective. As coaches, one of the biggest challenges we face is the fact that while we protect our teams from outside influences and Command culture, we as coaches are not allowed to FAIL.
The general notion is that as a Coach I have all the answers, so why do I need to experiment?
My talk focusses on the following Key points
– Will leadership support me in experimenting the agility transformation?
– In case my experiment fails, do I as a coach have psychological safety?
– What are the personality characteristics my leadership needs to change?
– How to build a culture of collaboration over commanding styles?
This topic is an Intermediate to Advanced one. The subject needs to be understood from the coaches perspective.
While we talk about psychological safety at workplace for our associates, the same gets under the carpet for coaches. This talk tries to expose this topic by bringing it on the surface,

Please reach out to me for any clarifications/queries on this topic.