Make delivery faster with Value Stream Mapping

Customer Journey Map and Value Stream Map are very popular in Agile world. Customer Journey Map is created from external or customer point of view, how customers are interacting with the system. Value Stream Map is a Lean technique and developed from internal point of view. In the presentation I’ll try to show how these two can be used together and help to reduce the delivery time.
I’ve been working as Agile Coach in the last 6 years. I help organization, leadership and team to adopt agile – the new way of work. I’m also Six Sigma Black Belt and Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certified. In my coaching, I help teams to adopt different Lean techniques to eliminate waste that at the end either increase customer satisfaction or make the delivery faster.

I conducted lots of Kaizen event for new process development or existing process optimization. I led an Agile transformation initiative in a mid-sized organization of 5K+ employees. I’ve extensive experience in agile and lean. I want to share my learning with others.