Knowing the Newer Way : Agile in Marketing

Someone asked me one fine day, “Why do you always talk about Agile? Don’t you think Agile is a software thing?”

I kept mum for a moment and smiled at him.

Then I politely replied, “I am now sure you have never understood the meaning of the word ‘Agile’ truly.”

He asked me again, “Can you explain to me the true meaning?”

You will be amazed to know that we never stopped discussing Agile after that day.

Last week, I went to his office. I couldn’t believe my eyes that the same guy and his team were doing their 21st planning meeting.

He whispered to my ears ‘Thank You’. I kept mum yet again.

Oh! Did I forget to mention that he is head of marketing in a reputed company? The only thing you need is the right mindset to learn and unlearn, may it be anything.

‘Knowing the newer way?’

I hope you are a little skeptical about the word ‘newer’!!! Are we really doing things in a traditional way?

Do not worry, I have a solution and challenge for you.
If you are from a marketing team, you certainly need to this or if you are not then you definitely need this.

  • How your marketing teams will answer to changing consumer requirements and survive the increasing competition in the VUCA environment?
  • How to increase your marketing teams efficiency and productivity by taking care of future challenges?
  • How to keep an eye on market trends that can give you results, innovative strategies with the right balance of AI with EI?
  • Where is your marketing teams visibility matrix?
  • How to create a transparent, long lasting, mindset based approach to overcome future unpredictability?
  • Only doing the ‘job’ is enough or there is more to it?
  • Do your marketing teams know the best practices, frameworks, and techniques for continuous improvement?

If you are unsure about more than TWO questions, then you definitely need to attend this session.


  • Traditional marketing is dead, why?
  • Agile Marketing Manifesto (a newer way)
  • Practical cases for Agile
  • New role as an Agile Marketing Follower
  • Plan, Fail, Iterate, Succeed

Apart from that, we will be having role-plays and exercises you might have never thought. (Of course in marketing perspective).

Workshop highlights: Know how to increase your marketing team’s efficiency, empowering your marketing teams with an innovative mindset and better process management, adapt to change, clarity in vision, and many more.

This session is my small attempt to make all the learners aware of the importance of being Agile.

I consider myself lucky to be in the world of Agile. With little technical knowledge or experience, I was a little skeptical about the technical terminologies. But I realized very soon that it is not about terminologies or techniques. It is beyond that. I have been following Agile in marketing, content for almost three years now. I have trained and coached teams in multiple organizations, top colleges on Agile marketing, Agile in Content and other outside IT branches. I am fortunately among the only few in the world from a non-technical background with CSM, CSPO, CAL-1, SA, and CAMS (Certified Agile Marketing Specialist) certifications. I always believe learning is beyond any certification. I tried to inspire a few from outside the IT department and I am hopeful that I can share my experience of being Agile in Marketing.

I have tried to put my experiences in my book Agile Outside IT: The Untold Management Secret, which is available for preorder on Amazon.