Individual’s journey in an organizational transformation

Any change fails predominantly because of 2 reasons – because it tries to change the way WE work; and because it tries to change the way I work.

WE denote an organization – with all its culture and structures. And if any change interferes with the organization’s existing belief system itself, it treats that new change as a virus – as a threat to its existence and way of living – and kills it. Much like a bad organ transplant.

But, there is also an equally, if not more, important “I” part… “How I work”. This is purely an individual decision. And these individuals, who are the most complex system within an organization. How people will respond to change is difficult to predict. It’s all about understanding the perspective of the people affected by the change.

We need to transform how our brain thinks in order to transform how our organization works.

Outline/Structure of the Workshop
5 min – Introduction
10 min – Neuroscience behind the change
10 min – Introducing the influencer model with personal experience
20 min – Co-creating change transition plan using the influencer model. Using Troika Consulting LS for peer consulting.
10 min – Debriefing using WWW LS and closure.

Key Takeaways –
– The neuroscience behind how our brain perceives change
– How can we influence our brain toward change
– Applying the influencer model toward personal change.
Different versions of this topic have been presented in the Agile Of East 2019 and the Agile Gurugram 2020 Conferences.