How to transform the Fearful organization to Cheerful?

Madhavi Pradhan Founder /Innov8agility

Is it right to nurture a team of “Yes Sir” or “Yes Madam”? People who sincerely obey the orders of their superiors – treating Bosses’ GODs or Devils’? Yes?
Can the employees dare say “I failed” or “I have a stupid question, but I need to clarify this”? No?

How to move from FEAR to DARE? Fear kills initiatives and renders intelligent employees lifeless, makes the organization completely dull, unhealthy, and risky to survive. Organizations need creativity and innovation. Employees Silence will kill the organization gradually.

This session will be a booster to create a psychologically safe environment where employees can express their ideas, share thoughts, and live it and celebrate the mistakes. I will share my experience, which will help teams “dare and believe that failure is a gold mine” and is acceptable for innovation. It is crucial to building high-performance teams in all industries.

Psychological Safety can make or break teams, according to research by Google, Harvard, and McKinsey. It’s essential to build culture vulnerable and creative in the organization.
This interactive session will give audience insights on psychological safety, mental models, and cognitive biases and tips to shift the mindset from fixed to growth mindset:

• Icebreaker Activity: Discuss [4mins (m)] scenario [3m]
• Client case studies on unsafe environment [5m]
• What is physiologically safe environment? What are benefits to clients? [3m]
• Tips for successful physiologically safe environment and high-performing teams [5m]
• What actions helped to move from fearful to cheerful? [5m]
• Pair-Share Activity: Key takeaway you will apply [3m]
• Q &A (2m)

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