Creating happyness – brining management 3.0 tools & practices in your agile teams

Though self organization is a key concept for agile teams, most of the teams are forced to adopt agile or scrum in reality. the retrospective happens end of the sprint can be too long to create dissatisfaction across the team members. a happy team can always get better results and to ensure happiness, we need make sure we know how team is feeling and their happiness reflects in their everyday work.

Management 3.0 has some great tools and practices which ensure employee happiness in greater extend. Being a management 3.0 facilitator, I felt many of the practices can be easily adopted in our scrum roles and events.

In this talk, i want to focus on few of the management 3.0 concepts, tools and practices to ensure employee happiness, ensure their motivations and inspire them to work better in an enjoyable fashion. practices like happiness door, niko niko calendar, moving motivators, kudo box and kudo wall can improve overall scenario for the team.