C# and .NET for Object-Oriented Programmers

Moving to a new language can be both daunting and exciting, but one big hurdle often stands in your way: there are no intermediate resources out there. Everything is either “Learn programming by using language X”, or “Obscure Features explained: An academic dive into language X”. This is the answer. You already have experience in an object-oriented language, so why cover what an object is? or what polymorphism is? This talk goes into what clean, idiomatic C# is and how to write it. You will learn the pros and cons of C# and .NET, what it does better than another language, and how it is compiled. We even look at some Intermediate Language! The talk assumes experience in Object-Oriented Programming (Java, Kotlin, etc) and high-school mathematics. Programmers with experience in other languages such as Go, JavaScript, C++, and Python will still find this talk informative.
I am willing to travel to Kathmandu at my own expense.