Bridging the gap between Scrum and Organizational Agility

It has been good 25 years since the Scrum was first ever introduced to the world by Ken Schwaber in 1995 OOPSLA conference. Soon after this, there was the first book about Scrum was written by Ken Schwaber and Mike Beedle “Agile Software Development” (2001). Scrum is like a game that can be played in many ways. Since then people have used Scrum, some got failed and learned from it and few of them thrived and make most out of it. Some are passionately working and still wondering what / how they should play so that they can make most out of it. In this talk, we will be bridging the gap between being agile and taking steps towards achieving organization agility

We will be uncovering a few scenarios/questions such as listed below ….. While working as an Agile Practitioner/ Scrum Master/ Product Owner – if you too encountered with these questions/scenarios while working in/with Scrum team then – this talk is going to be useful for you

  1. What measure you can use to identify if your organization is agile or not
  2. How to improve organizational agility
  3. Management curious to know about ROI on time/budget spent in training and all the initiative that has been sponsored so far in the name of Agility.
  4. We have bought entire dev-ops tools-kit? So does this mean we are Agile?
  5. We have onboarded 5 expensive Agile coaches/Scrum Masters from the last 1 year. so why don’t we see/feel any change? Should we continue having them in the team ? 6. Why our customers’ survey are not quite impressive after doing so many things on the name of Agile?
  6. I have been told in training that Scrum brings happiness in the team ? But then why our employee survey is not very encouraging?