Avoid social distancing your technical debt

Will you remain silent if your arteries are blocked with fatty deposits? Of course No, You take action to prevent heart attack. When it comes to product development, how we deal with “Elephant in the room”, Technical debt? Developers turn a blind eye, management becomes anxious while product management remained in blissful ignorance. Your inaction leads to product development breakdown similar to human fatality.

Do you want to know how to prevent this catastrophe? I applied the 3R technique, an abbreviation of Reveal, Roadmap and Resolve to bring life to a dying product. I will share the situation when I am engaged for coaching, actions I took and the result achieved. This technique can be applied to any situation and in the organisation that you are in if you are struggling to deal with “Elephant in the room”, Technical Debt
It will be an interesting talk about my recent coaching engagement with a traditional organization. The organization had outsourced its development to a vendor that limits their ability to understand the technical debt. My struggle in making the technical debt transparent will help those in the same journey as I was. I will be happy to share a few tips and techniques used in arriving at the roadmap and how stakeholder alignment is secured. What started as an experiment with a single product team-inspired entire organisation to be technical debt-free.