Agile Governance – a way to increase team effectiveness

Outline/Structure of the Talk:
– Agile Governance
– Importance & Principles of Agile governance
– Agile Governance Manifesto
– A Governed Agile Life Cycle
– Agile Governance Milestones
– Steps to govern agile team
– Story of my agile governance implementation
– Govern Agile Framework
– Common Practices of Agile governance
– Key challenges to practice agile governance
– Develop metrics to measure govern agile team
– Goal Question Metrics (GQM)
Take away items:
– Understand the importance of Agile governance
– Implementation process of agile governance in a organization
– Agile governance practices
– Challenges mitigation practice of agile governance
– GQM Practices
– Effectiveness measuring techniques of agile governed team.